Wedding & Honeymoons

Women dream about their wedding day from a very young age.

We want to help you make this dream come true in all its facets, taking care of each detail right through until the last day of the honeymoon. Since this is the most beautiful journey in a woman’s life, we are pleased to offer a choice of both heavenly and unusual destinations.

We have become personally acquainted with the most romantic places in the world, standing and staring at the most sublime sunrises and sunsets and observing wild animals in the most beautiful savannahs of South Africa and the jungles of Borneo, Australia and New Zealand. Each part of the world has its beauty and landscapes, its cultural features but, most of all, its own history and people. In each of the destinations that the bride and groom choose, we are able to track down its most unknown, romantic and heavenly side to offer the couple a real honeymoon.

Only those who have seen with their own eyes and experienced certain emotions with their own hearts are able to convey them. We turn away from normal catalogues and banal journeys. We prefer to apply our experience and on-site contacts in order to optimise prices and maximise the quality of our services.

Be tempted…