About Me

1-foto-300x225“Scour the world and speak to everybody”

…this was one of my grandfather Peter’s favourite sayings. He was born into a family which worked in the textiles industry by Lake Iseo and emigrated to Switzerland with his father at the age of 15 because, even then, companies used to fail due to debtors never paying back their dues.

My grandfather was an open-minded “citizen of the world” and this facet of his personality is the best feature I have inherited from him and it has strongly impacted on my entire life.

I experienced my first “expatriation” at the age of 2 when my parents decided to “park” me at the Kinderheim Adelboden (Switzerland) and go on holiday on their own.

Then, at the age of 6, I was enrolled at a college on Lake Constance (Switzerland). I then started my conquest of Europe, and was able to explore during my long summer holidays and accompanying my father on his business trips throughout Europe.

Being a lover of Beauty, my father always used to carefully choose the hotels, restaurants and tours and although they were business trips, every other trip became an experience during which I developed my passion for beauty.

After my graduation from the German School at the Giulia Institute in Milan and while working at my father’s company, I wanted to further develop my language skills and so I enrolled with the Institute for Translators and Interpreters in Milan and afterwards was admitted onto the foreign literature course at the university.

A knowledge of five languages made my relationship with others much easier – counterparts, contractors and dealers on business trips. Having to deal with these individuals in order to address technical and commercial issues relating to large projects and plants gave me the expertise to mediate with foreign suppliers in Italy as well as in Europe and the United States, both at my father’s business and in further projects relating to corporate events in many other countries of the world.

Throughout my career, my passion for travel has become my profession. This happened when the President of a company where I worked had the bright idea of entrusting me with running the Business Travel Department (where I was always able to attain and even exceed the targets) as well as organising national and international events, incentive events, meetings, training courses and new store openings.

I would like to offer this long-standing experience to private clients as well as Italian and foreign companies wishing to offer their partners the opportunity to understand the world, while also penetrating the history and culture of each country – a concept that leaves an indelible trace on their hearts, thanks to “German-style” organisation, a correct price-quality ratio and that important “Italian-style” touch.