This area, extending across approximately one million square meters, was designed by internationally renowned architects, Stefano Boeri, Ricky Burdett and Jacques Herzog. It is built on the Cardo and the Decumano perpendicular shape of a typical roman town and enriched by a breath-taking green space that is evocative of an island surrounded by water. The Expo Milano 2015 exposition site thus clearly represents the central theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and visitors live the experience the moment they enter.


Cardo and Decumano



Belvedere in città

“Belvedere in Città” is a project created by Expo Milano 2015 and Telecom Italy that allows you to follow, through the use of drones, the progress of the
Universal Exposition work site on every Monday.

What a big progress since the opening of the previous EXPO Milan, opened on April 28, 1908. This is the only aerial picture of the site at that time.

Il sem12

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