In July I returned to Turkey after almost 10 years since my last stay. I discovered a country which had completely renewed itself in every way: infrastructure, the restoration of old buildings and new architectural designs. I was taken by surprise by the unfinished work and the modern hotels (over 1,000 in Istanbul alone) which incorporate ultra-advanced technical concepts in line with safety and hygienic rules. Istanbul is really a meeting point of two equally important and ancient cultures: the Asiatic and European cultures.

It is a city to be discovered and the right choice for both couples in search of romantic places and companies seeking a location to organise an incentive event at competitive prices. Turkey is not only famous for its great number of points of interest; it is also an unrivalled city for shopping, leisure and – why not ? – sampling an original kebab sandwich late at night.

Nightlife addicts will find various clubs located in elegant and historical sites of the city along with plenty of wonderful terraces for viewing the Bosphorus Strait where the landscape is enriched by thousands of small lights scattered beneath the starry sky.

As a matter of fact, Istanbul has recently won the MEETING STAR AWARD 2014 as the best destination for events in the region.

I really recommend a trip to Turkey, either to discover it for the first time or to visit again.

You will discover a plentiful world of exotic fascination here, such as the famous belly dancing or the renowned whirlish dervish dancing in which performers try to achieve a state of mystic ecstasy.

You will discover a wonderful sea with beautiful clear waters, refined and fantastically presented dishes, a very relaxed population and … history:

Turkey is indeed very rich in Greek, Roman and, naturally, Ottoman relics.

Why choose Turkey? It is within reach, yet exotic; it is friendly, beautiful and culturally rich. And it is modern enough to be reassuring yet traditional enough to maintain its exotic charm … not forgetting that it is very good “value for money”.

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