Waterloo Region: here time stood still



St. Jacobs

The Mennonite Story multi-media interpretive center is a must for anyone interested in learning more about Mennonites.
Take a self-guided journey beginning with a 13 minute video entitled,’The Old Order’. Learn about the Old Order Mennonites whose buggies you may pass on your way here. You’ll find out why they resist parts of modern life that the rest of us can’t seem to do without. Browse through an extensive exhibit that decribes the early beginnings of the Mennonites in Europe – how they came out of the 16th century Protestant Reformation and why they were hunted down and persecuted. Step into a replica of an Old Order meetinghouse.
Then see informative photos, artifacts and displays that describe the history, culture and religion of the Mennonites – in our area and around the world. Discover how Mennonites have flourished into a global family of 1.5 million members in 75 countries!


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